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Welcome to Simpkins' Southern Bulldogs

english bulldog puppies sc, nc, ga, fl, al

We are honored that you have taken the time out of your busy day to check out our website. We are located in Graniteville, SC, which is located right between Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA, and we absolutely love english bulldogs. Bulldogs are truly a special breed of dog. They have such human-like personalities. When we decided to offer others the experience of owning a bulldog, we made a commitment to ourselves that we would only pair the best of the best. We focus on the betterment of the breed and always breed based on health, temperament, and conformation alone. You will only find standard colors with Simpkins'  Southern Bulldogs because we focus on pairing bulldogs that meet the standards adopted by the AKC. The reason behind this is that if the standards are followed, you don't end up having unhealthy dogs. Health is our highest priority, which is why we pride ourselves in the fact that we are part of the Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program offered exclusively by the AKC, which means that all of the pairs we choose for breeding have been health tested for genetic flaws before pairing, and that we are educated in our field, are held to the accountability of the AKC, and produce happy, healthy purebred litters. After a thorough screening process, we were also approved as responsible breeders by Good Dog. Our profile on Gooddog can be viewed here. To learn more about Good Dog's breeder approval process and screening click here

Our litters are raised in our home as part of our family. They begin socialization early on by being introduced to our children, our other dogs, and living a perfectly normal life as a house pet so when they arrive at their new home they will be comfortable with not only fellow dogs and children, but the average home environment as well. We love this breed and love seeing our clients with amazing healthy puppies that are members of their families for years and years. It excites and encourages us so much when past clients send us messages describing how wonderful their bulldog's temperament is and how complete their family feels with the addition of their new bulldog.  It's so rewarding to see a puppy grow from being a newborn pup, advancing through their toddler pup stages of first steps and solid foods, to seeing them move into their new home and getting updates of how they have grown into beautiful and loving full grown dogs. 

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