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Want the Cold, Hard Facts About English Bulldogs? Look No Further...

english bulldog puppy

Fact number one, bulldogs are the best breed of dog that there is. Ok, I'm biased, but who's to say that it isn't actually a fact? Bulldogs have such human-like personalities. There's something really special about them. They let you know when they need back scratches, they love cuddling up for a movie, they're gentle and often great with kids, and the list goes on. They are so much fun! These are all the things that make bulldogs a great choice as a pet. There are many things about bulldogs that make them great pets for some, but they're not always perfect for every family and as much as I personally think that bulldogs are the greatest it's important that those that are looking for a new family member know everything about the breed and not just the fun stuff. So, here is a helpful list that lays it all out.

Bulldogs are not fitness gurus

Do you enjoy taking long hikes and running two miles each day and hope to find a furry friend to tag along? Bulldogs may not be the breed you're looking for. They pair better with couch potatoes. They fit in well at our house! Seriously though, bulldogs love to go for car rides and visit new places but they get winded easily. They have a short snout which causes them to breath a little differently than super athletic dogs and their body just isn't built for fitness. They're perfect pals to take along with you to events and outings, just make sure that the weather is nice or that it's a short outing if it's a bit warm out.

Bulldogs enjoy air conditioning

Are you looking for a great guard dog to growl and snarl in your backyard to deter would be intruders? Bulldogs just won't fit that category, and for more reasons than one. The first is that I've never seen any bulldog growl and snarl in my life unless they're enjoying a game of tug, but the main reason is that bulldogs need a/c. They are not a breed of dog that you can leave in the backyard. Remember how I mentioned they have short snouts? Short snouts and heat don't mix. Bulldogs are much more prone to heat stroke than other breeds so they are a breed that shouldn't be left outside for long periods. As I mentioned before, don't plan on taking your bulldog to some really fun outdoor festival for four hours in July. If that's the kind of companion you're looking for you may want to look into a different breed.

Bulldogs require lots of beauty treatments

Bulldogs are prone to sensitive skin and allergies. Because of that you shouldn't plan on bathing your bulldog all that often, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook when it comes to their skin care. Bulldogs shouldn't be bathed more than once a month but in between baths they should be brushed at least two times a week. Don't worry though, it doesn't take long. Use a soft bristle brush, start at the rear, and brush against the grain. When you're all done go back and brush with the grain. That helps remove dead skin, dirt, and loose hair and it helps distribute the healthy oils that will keep your pups coat glossy and gorgeous. They need their wrinkles cleaned several times a week with baby wipes. Like all dogs, they need nail trimmings every two weeks.

Bulldogs are picky eaters

Ok, I lied. Bulldogs are not picky eaters, they're actually living garbage disposals that will gladly eat anything you give them...but don't! Bulldogs are prone to food and seasonal allergies. They often do better on foods that have a main ingredient of fish. They are also known to do better on grain free diets although there is some talk of grain free not being a safe diet for bulldogs, or any dogs for that matter, so tread lightly with grain free diets, read a lot of information for yourself on the topic, and consult your vet for the best advice for your bulldog. Speaking of allergies, bulldogs often need seasonal allergy medicine like Benadryl in the high pollen months, just like people. If your pup starts licking its paws or losing hair, allergies are most likely the cause.

Bulldogs are prone to cherry eye

This one isn't a fun fact, but it's unfortunately a fact in the world of bulldogs. Thankfully, none of our babies have ever had cherry eye, but due to their short snout (that short snout again!) they sometimes will have issues with cherry eye. Cherry eye is when the gland that is located under the lower eyelid pops up. It's definitely not pretty but it's not serious. If your pup ends up with cherry eye a trip to the vet is needed. The sooner your pup is treated the better your chances of successful results without the need of removing the gland.

So, there it all is. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you're saying to yourself that you've read the list and the bulldog still checks all the boxes for your lifestyle, and you just can't wait to have a snoring companion to sleep with each night, then be sure to read more about the adoption process at Simpkins Southern Bulldogs and check out our puppies.

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