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Have You Heard of BAXTER & Bella?

I am so excited about this program! The things I like about it are that they have live-classes, videos, podcasts, printouts, you can chat with a live trainer as many times as you need, and membership, which is a one time cost, covers you forever! It's a lifetime membership! I have searched near and far for a training program for our families because preparing our puppy families for their newest family member is something I dedicate a lot of time to, and none of them were in this price range, none of them offered lifetime membership (most covered only 6 weeks of training, one day a week), and none of them offered this much continuous help! On top of lifetime membership, if you use the discount code SIMPKINS you'll receive 25% off of the normal price! You can read more about the program here and you can read customer reviews about the program on their Facebook page here. If you decide to enroll your pup simply click "Add to Cart" and follow the prompts (don't forget to add the discount code at checkout to save money on your membership!) on this page

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